Continuous Student Learning


Message from the Superintendent

   Thank you for visiting the Mt. Adams School District web site.  Our District Mission is, “Continuous Improvement.”  In an effort to fulfill our Mission, we have several initiatives this academic year that will intentionally provide systems and opportunities to continue to improve student success.   The first is our “Strive for Five” campaign, where we encourage students to be in attendance five days per week.   Research shows that students who attend school are considerably more successful in learning and graduation.   Please help us achieve our goal!

   Speaking of graduation, White Swan High School and Mt. Adams Middle School continue with their emphasis on, “Graduation Matters!”   Middle and High School completion are the first steps toward a productive adult life as one who is college and/or career ready.   Our goal is for 100% of our students to graduate.

   Harrah Elementary is also improving with a line-up of new teachers who are excited to join our community and make a difference every day for students.  That is my commitment as the new superintendent, “Every Student, Every Day, has Every Opportunity for Success!”   

   I hope to have the chance to meet you as you visit Mt. Adams School District.

Yours truly,