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Message from the Superintendent

  • This school year we began with some amazing news.  Mt. Adams, for the second year in a row, had the ESD 105 Teacher of the Year.  A team of professional educators from our region selected Mr. Michael Clinton as the 2018/19 Regional Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Clinton was one of only nine teachers selected for this award.  What an honor for Mr. Clinton to receive this recognition. 
    It takes a lot to be a teacher and even more to be a teacher of the year.  Mr. Clinton was noted for his respectful, kind, and passionate approach to student success.  Students noted that Mr. Clinton will do anything it takes to make sure that students "get it."  He comes early, stays late, gives multiple opportunities for learning, and seems to always be at school, "for us..." 
    The Board of Directors of the Mt. Adams School District and I would like to congratulate Mr. Michael Clinton for this award and recognition.  We would like to thank him for choosing to work at Mt. Adams High School.  And we would especially like to thank him for his passion, dedication, and service to our students - Every Day!
    Please watch the slide show above to see pictures of Mr. Clinton at the State Teacher of the Year Celebration in Seattle.