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    Learning Targets

    The use of learning objectives by educators is a research-based practice that has ample evidence to support improved student performance.  By clearly defining the purpose of your lesson and connecting it to standards, students are more likely to buy-in to the lesson being presented and thus improve learning.  Learning objectives are more than just writing the standard, or identifying a standard, and it is certainly more than an activity.  

    Student to Student Discourse

    Student discourse with their peers and not the teacher is yet another research supported practice that directly impacts student performance in the classroom.  


    Every student in every classroom in every district throughout the nation is at a different level of readiness than the student sitting next to them.  In every lesson you teach you must account for the different needs of your students.  This can be done in a variety of ways, but it is essential to your success as an instructor and the success of your students that it occurs on a daily basis.  

    Entry/Exit Task

    The opening and closing of a lesson are two key pieces of successful instruction.  To ensure that the instruction for our students are successful the use of entry and exit tasks are a requirement of every class.  This is one component of bell to bell instruction which all teachers need to ensure happens on a daily basis.

    Classroom Management

    The best teachers have the fewest discipline problems.  This isn’t because they have the best-behaved students in the school.  In order for you to become (or remain) one of these teachers you need to possess and utilize the best classroom management practices each day.  One part of this is to have posted in your classroom the progressive discipline steps you will take.  

    Instructional Bulletin Boards
    Each classroom should have at least one instructional bulletin board.  This board is designed to allow students to self-assess a key skill, like writing, and often contains a rubric or scoring system.  Instructional bulletin boards reflect what you feel is important. Consider carefully what you need to display on them and use these as an additional teaching tool. 



  •                PARENT SURVEY 
     1. Students picked up before the end
          of the school day will be marked
          as a half-day absence.
     2. Students will not be removed
          from class or the bus after 1:00 p.m.
          on Monday and/or after 2:30 p.m.
          on Tuesday through Friday.   
     3. Pre-scheduled bus notes must be
          received via note, fax, or email
          prior to 9:00 a.m.
         HES Policy 
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