SES Parent Satisfaction Surveys

    Why an SES Parent Satisfaction Survey? Federal requirement and part of the monitoring process of provider's services.

    SES Parent Satisfaction Surveys are available online and paper form in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. The survey instructions include:

    • Section 1–instructions for the online SES Parent Satisfaction Survey with links and greeting templates.
    • Section 2–instructions for the paper form of the SES Parent Satisfaction Surveys

    Online Survey - Closes on Thursday, June 30, 2016

    Paper Form Survey - Must be received at OSPI by Thursday, June 30, 2016

    Mt Adams School District hosted a Supplemental Educational Services Provider Fair on Thursday, September 10, at Harrah Elementary School in the cafeteria.  The district's first enrollment window for tutoring services is September 10-October 10 and our second enrollment window is November 9-25.  There are flyers in building offices to learn about tutoring services that can benefit your student and a poster of state/district providers.
    Due to our district not meeting Annual Yearly Progress goals, parents have the option to obtain tutoring paid by the district through Title 1, Part A funding. Students in our school who are eligible for free or reduced–price lunch are able to enroll in a free tutoring program, known as Supplemental Educational Services (SES).
    Tutoring programs may be offered before or after the regular school day, on weekends, or in the summer. The purpose of this assistance is to ensure that Mt. Adams School District students increase their academic achievement in reading and math by receiving additional tutoring and instruction.
    If there is not enough funding for every child requesting services, eligible students with the greatest academic need will receive first priority. Enclosed  is information on available service providers. The school district will not provide transportation to or from the service. Transportation will be the parent’s responsibility.  
    If you would like more detailed information on the service providers in our area and in Washington State, please go to http://k12.wa.us/TitleI/SES.aspx and select OSPI Approved for the 2015-16 School Year .If you would like for your child to receive these free services, please complete the application form by October 10, 2015, and send it to P.O. Box 578, White Swan, WA 98952.

    If you would like help in deciding which provider best meets the needs of your child, please call Dana Jarnecke at (509) 874-8652. If you have questions about whether or not your child is eligible for services, please call the Teaching & Learning Center at (509) 874-8660.

    District SES Information
    Mt. Adams School District SES Information - This includes our enrollment window dates, district contact and information regarding distribution of SES promotional materials.

    Parents/Guardians — What Do SES Services Cost?
    The tutoring services available through SES focus on reading, language arts and math. This important remedial help takes place before or after school, or on weekends. Be aware that parents must provide transportation to-and-from the SES provider’s location. Federal funds — Title I, Part A — pay for the actual tutoring.

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     There are no schools in our area that are available for public school choice.  All schools are in school improvement.