•  Class Objective

       The objective of this course is to introduce the art of forensic science to those students interested in this profession.  Forensic science is the study and application of science to the processes of law and involves the collection, examination, evaluation and interpretation of evidence.  This course will take a biotechnology scientific view to learn basic forensic terms and skills.  The labs in this course are to help students understand aspects of the modern crime lab.  Students will also learn/study the moral ethics involved in crime investigation.  Biotechnology Forensics is part of the agriculture career and technical education program which includes FFA & SAE (supervised agriculture education project) as an integral leadership part of the instructional program.  FFA is a great program for students to gain leadership skills and further their knowledge in agriculture.  Joining FFA is highly recommended however, is not required.

    2012 - 2013 Syllabus

    Text:  Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, By: Richards Saferstein       

                (Once textbook is assigned to student it is their responsibility to make sure the book is returned at the end of the year or they will be charged the price of the book.)