Continuous Student Learning


Principal's Report

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    Inspiring through Experiences

    The staff and students at Mount Adams Middle School are committed to the best instructional practices.  Our staff understands that students have to intrinsically want to learn.  We are committed to sparking our students' desire to learn by providing positive learning experiences that are designed to inspire, intrigue, and last a lifetime!


    Simple Six: Our framework for instruction

    As a staff, there are six areas of instruction that we all commit to provide in each lesson.  These six items were selected as highly impactful strategies that support what research shows to be effective instructional practice.  As a staff we practice, support each other, and work hard to provide feedback to each other as we master these six areas of instruction.


    1. Learning Targets posted in a place of honor in classrooms
    2. Student-to-Student Discourse protocols used in every lesson
    3. Entry and Exit Tasks used as data points
    4. Classroom Management as a routine 
    5. Differentiation for every learner's needs
    6. Instructional Bulletin Boards as visual supports for learners


    Learning walks happen daily in our school.  Contact your building principal if you would like to see these strategies in action!