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  • January Focus: Teamwork

    Welcome to a new year! The character word of the month is teamwork. What a powerful concept! We love this story of teamwork. We think you will agree it is powerful example of the importance of teamwork. 

    A team of about 35 students had come together for a team building event. They were a young, bright and enthusiastic team. However, one big problem this team had was they wouldn’t share information or solutions with each other. The leader felt they were too focused on self and not enough on team.So she started off with a fun team activity that would allow her to teach the importance of each team member working together and sharing more.

    The leader brought the team into the cafeteria. All of the tables and chairs had been stacked and put away. Placed around the room were fun decorations and hundreds of different colored balloons. Everyone was excited, but not sure what it was all about. In the center of the room was a big box of balloons that had not been blown up yet.

    The team leader asked each person to pick a balloon, blow it up and write their name on it. But they were instructed to be careful because the balloon could pop! A few balloons did indeed pop and those members of the team were given another chance, but were told that if the balloon popped again they were out of the game. About 30 students were able to get their name on a balloon without it popping. Those 30 were asked to leave their balloons and exit the room. They were told they had qualified for the second round.

    Five minutes later the leader brought the students back into the room and announced that their next challenge was to find the balloon they had left behind with their name on it among the hundreds of other balloons scattered in the large cafeteria. She warned them however to be very careful and not to pop any of the balloons. If they did, they would be disqualified.

    While being very careful, but also trying to go as quickly as they could, each student looked for the balloon with their name. After 15 minutes not one single student was able to find their balloon. The team was told that the second round of the game was over and they were moving onto the third round.

    In this next round the leader told the students to find any balloon in the room with a name on it and give it to the person whose name was on it. Within a couple of minutes every student had their balloon with their own name on it! 

    The team leader made the following point: “We are much more efficient when we are willing to share with each other. And we are better problem solvers when we are working together, not individually.”

    Often times members of teams create obstacles that get in the way of teamwork by solely focusing on their own pursuits and goals. They hoard information, avoid collaboration and distance themselves. It is bad for the team and it is bad for that individual. Every member of a team should ask themselves the following questions on a regular basis: What am I already doing for the good of the team? and  What do I need to do for the team? 

    We're so glad we are a part of a team where the students and staff are always working to better those around them. 

    We look forward to the awesome acheivements we will celebrate in the days ahead!                      

    -Mrs. Leslie and Mr. McCracken


    No School on January 15 


    Come to School and Get Air! 

    All Harrah Panthers who miss fewer than two days during the second trimester will earn a free trip to Skateland in Yakima! Why two days? To strive for five during the 2017-2018 school year, students should miss fewer than two days each trimester. 

    Get Rolling


    PAX Leaders

    Every Friday, the staff at Harrah Elementary, recognizes several students who were recognized that week with a PAX Everywhere card. Students earn a PAX Everywhere card when they demonstrate behavior that reflects the PAX motto: "I better myself. I better my world. I am a PAX Leader". Winners receive a special prize and get to eat lunch with Principal Leslie!! Let's give a big Panther growl to this week's PAX Leaders! 

     PAX PAX Leaders




    Community Meetings

    Come join us for a community meeting to discuss current events/issues happening in the White Swan School District. All scheduled meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. Meetings held at the Harrah Elementary campus will be located in the cafeteria. Meetings held at the White Swan campus will be held in the high/middle library. The dates for the community meetings are:

    • February 7 (White Swan)
    • March 7 (Harrah)
    • April 11 (White Swan) 
    • May 2 (Harrah) 


    Community Meeting


     Pastries with Parents

    Join us every second Tuesday of the month from 7:30-8:30 in the Harrah Elementary gym for pastries and refreshments. This is a great opportunity to visit with other parents, meet building staff, and read with your student. It's also our way of saying "thank you" for all you do to support Harrah Elementary! Out next Pastries with Parents is February 13.