• A Message from the Center for Teaching and Learning

    The Mt. Adams School District’s mission is “Continuous Student Learning”.  On our road map (below), you see a bus driving from our district on a path to our students’ future. Our goal is to get all our students to graduation and watch them walk across the stage to receive their White Swan High School diploma. This process begins when our students enter kindergarten and continues throughout their years in our district.  We also strive to make life-long learning an aspiration for all students.

    Pursuing our mission means, that as a district, we are relentless in ensuring learning is happening every day and in increasing our students’ academic achievement.  We do this by providing students opportunities to challenge themselves through the use of rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum, engaging our students by using effective instructional strategies, and assessing student learning to make adjustments to teaching and to prepare students for state testing opportunities.


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