Continuous Student Learning


Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Mt. Adams School District website.  We are glad that you have taken the time to learn more about the District and our work with students, parents, and community members of the Harrah and White Swan communities. 

Teamwork is the Character Word of the month for January. 

I remember a quote from President Bill Clinton, which states, “What works in the real world, is cooperation.” And I know from my six months in the Mt. Adams School District, that what works in Harrah and White Swan is cooperation… collaboration, engagement, and everyone getting along together to create a learning environment that is best for our students. 

Parents, guardians, bus drivers, educational assistants, secretaries, custodians, teachers, counselors, cafeteria support, and administration come together every day with each student to provide the teamwork necessary for success.  Teamwork requires every single person in the student’s life to join forces, in the best interest of the child, to make sure that each and every student arrives at school five days every week, ready to learn.  If there is one weak link in this chain of support, the only person who loses is the child.  This new trimester brings a new opportunity for success!

Thank you for being part of the Mt. Adams School District team that provides success for every student, every day!


Yours truly,